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The Dubai city emerging from the desert that is closer to touching the sky than any other city in the world. A place in which the Arab tradition is intertwined with the modernity of one of the most modern metropolises on the planet. It is the capital of the emirate of the same name, one of the seven that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and possibly the most popular among them.Its centuries-old commercial culture and oil have made Dubai one of the richest cities in the world. During recent times its growth has been exponential and it has been transformed into a whimsical metropolis that, year after year, is changing its urban profile without sparing expenses. To the point of raising impossible skyscrapers or creating artificial islands at will in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

A part of Dubai still lives around the traditional trade that can be seen in many other Arab countries, with its souks and swarms of parapeted streets of a variety of shops willing to do all kinds of retail businesses. For enjoy the all thing in dubai quickly book your dubai activity packages with dubai daily tours within your budget. 


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